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This supposed 'professional auto repair' place is not in the least professional at all. they are supposed to specialize in tire sales, installation, exhaust repair, brakes, front end alignment...etc. So they put tires on our SUV, then when we went back for the tires to be rotated, they couldn't take the lugs off. They put them on, then accused us of taking the tires off ourselves and putting them back on too tight for them to get loose. We had NOT touched the tires, and finally had to force them to try again, untill they could get them off.

My other vehicle brake pedal had become very hard to push. I noticed it especially when pulling my utility trailer (below our states required trailer brake weight). After doing some studying online, I determined the brake booster had gone bad. the brake tech there told me i just needed to let them put brakes on the trailer. It was the brake booster, i had to argue with him to get him to even test it, then they finally changed it out....

My last experience with them has been the last straw. Last week, they changed the oil in the suv, we were going on a trip and i didn't have time to do it myself. While doing the oil change, they overtightened the oil pan plug, stripping the threads out of it. they rigged up a welded bolt, and said that was the best they could do. the business owner absolutely refuses to fix or replace the oil pan, but they did finally get it rigged up in a manner that no longer leaks. at least until the oil has to be changed again.

This is supposedly a professional auto repair shop, but they can't even *** the tires they put on, and they refuse to fix something they break correctly. stay away from this shop! they do NOT know what they are doing

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